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Marvin L. "Buzz" Oates

The Buzz Oates Group of Companies has lost a creative genius and the Sacramento community has lost a pioneer of the Greater Central Valley's commercial real estate industry.  Those of us who were fortunate to know and work with Buzz grieve the loss of our trusted partner and friend.  A visionary and quiet philanthropist, Buzz's legacy continues in the company he built and the charitable foundation bearing his name. 

"Today is a very sad day for the Sacramento community as we mourn the loss of a true Sacramento icon," Mayor Kevin Johnson said.  "Buzz Oates not only changed the real estate development industry, but was deeply committed to his family, his church and his community. Buzz always had a soft spot in his heart for young people. He never turned down a request when it came to his beloved Sacramento High School and the community of Oak Park. Buzz Oates will be greatly missed."